Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 60-R Guitar Combo Amp with Reverb

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The Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 60-R guitar combo amp is perfect for practice, warming up before a gig or jamming with a small line-up. Amp Type: Solid State
Channels: Clean, Lead
Power: 60 Watts
Power Amp: Current Feedback Technology for Warm, Tube-Like Tone
Effects: Accutronics Spring Reverb
Effects Loop: Serial
Footswitch: Optional FS-1 or FS-2
Switching Functions: Lead
Special Features: 3-Band EQ, CD-Player Input, Headphones Out, Line Out
Speaker: 1 x 12″The Current Feedback Technology gives the amp a warm, tube-like tone with a nuanced response, and the Accutronics Spring Reverb adds an extra dimension to your song.

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