Hughes & Kettner Basskick 300 Bass Amp

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The Hughes & Kettner BassKick 300 bass combo amp is a serious amp that delivers great tone in every scenario from the rehearsal room to the stage. A solid state amp, it nevertheless provides the punch, headroom and tone typically associated with tube amps thanks to its unique TubeTouch input and DynaClip peak-limiting technology.

Amp Type: Solid State
Power: 300 Watts
Power Amp: Dynaclip
Preamp: TubeTouch
Footswitch: Optional, FS-1
Switching Functions: Punch On/Off
Headphones: Yes
Line Out: Balanced
Compressor: Yes
Equaliser: 4-Band Parallel
Speaker Outputs: 1 x 4-8 Ohms in Series to Internal Speaker 1/4
Speakers: 1 x 15″
HF-Horn: Yes, Switchable

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